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25 May 2006 @ 09:02 pm
...and if you threww a party....  
Welll, today marks two memorable days for me. THe first ,as most of those who are reading this post off my real jpurnal and not the communty, is that today marks the 3rd year that I graduated from highchool. So far I have done nothing I figured would happen. I guess that heppens in life.

The third which most of you may not even know or realize is that I came out two years ago today. Some of you may rember the post I wrote here to come out to mosat everyone. IF not I have provided the link here: http://thegr8arp.livejournal.com/4161.html . I don't know what I want to say on that subject. I have met some wonderful people since I have come out. Comming out has opened me up to many things. I have dated some very wonderful people.

To tye this together ( adn the point for the double post) I think we all should think about those big moments that we forget about. when I told DJ( my boyfriend) he said he doesn't even remeber when he came out. To me this is kind of an important date. Am I weird or wrong to think this?
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