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A Celebration In Diversity

Fell Proud To Be
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Here is a community to boast about you, your people, and whatever you want. Take pride baby. Here you can talk about whatever you want and take prifde in. Here you can post link, share icons, post pictures, and introductions.

1.Freedom of speech is promoted and encouraged in this community, but sladnerous comments are not promoted. You can disagree, but be civil.

2.No subject is sacred. I do ask that you have a bit of taste. Not a requirement, but it would be nice

3.No nude photos please. I want those of any age to be able to join.

4.Intorductory post are appreciated.

5.Picture post are more than welcomed, but if more than one please put behind a LJ cut.

6.Quizes are welcomed, but If you want to post your scores, post them as a comment to the original rather than a whole new post. This will keep a lot of members happy.

7.Links are welcomed, but be PG-13. I want anyone who can be a member of LJ to be able to view any content on this community.

8.If you use an icon from this community ask the person who owns it first. You don't have to give credit to this community, but the person who owns it may wants some.

9.Although not required, please put really long post under a cut. This too will keep certain members happy.

10.Have fun and do whatever you want. Just try and be curteous. Don't have to panhandle, but be curteous lol.

P.S. I am new to making communities, so if you have any suggestions feel free to make them. I would very much appreciate them.